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Patricia Acero
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The behavior of trace elements during schwertmannite precipitation and subsequent transformation into goethite and jarosite
P Acero, C Ayora, C Torrentó, JM Nieto
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 70 (16), 4130-4139, 2006
Natural attenuation of arsenic in the Tinto Santa Rosa acid stream (Iberian Pyritic Belt, SW Spain): the role of iron precipitates
MP Asta, C Ayora, G Román-Ross, J Cama, P Acero, AG Gault, ...
Chemical Geology 271 (1-2), 1-12, 2010
Sphalerite dissolution kinetics in acidic environment
P Acero, J Cama, C Ayora
Applied Geochemistry 22 (9), 1872-1883, 2007
Arsenopyrite dissolution rates in O2-bearing solutions
MP Asta, J Cama, C Ayora, P Acero, G de Giudici
Chemical Geology 273 (3-4), 272-285, 2010
Coupled thermal, hydraulic and geochemical evolution of pyritic tailings in unsaturated column experiments
P Acero, C Ayora, J Carrera
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 (22), 5325-5338, 2007
Rate law for galena dissolution in acidic environment
P Acero, J Cama, C Ayora
Chemical Geology 245 (3-4), 219-229, 2007
Geochemical processes controlling water salinization in an irrigated basin in Spain: Identification of natural and anthropogenic influence
D Merchán, LF Auqué, P Acero, MJ Gimeno, J Causapé
Science of the Total Environment 502, 330-343, 2015
Hydrochemistry and geothermometrical modeling of low-temperature Panticosa geothermal system (Spain)
MP Asta, MJ Gimeno, LF Auqué, J Gómez, P Acero, P Lapuente
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 235, 84-95, 2012
Hydrogeochemical modeling of a thermal system and lessons learned for CO2 geologic storage
LF Auqué, P Acero, MJ Gimeno, JB Gómez, MP Asta
Chemical Geology 268 (3-4), 324-336, 2009
Kinetics of chalcopyrite dissolution at pH 3
P Acero, J Cama, C Ayora
European Journal of Mineralogy 19 (2), 173-182, 2007
Multiphase flow and reactive transport model in vadose tailings
P Acero, C Ayora, J Carrera, MW Saaltink, S Olivella
Applied Geochemistry 24 (7), 1238-1250, 2009
Chalcopyrite dissolution rate law from pH 1 to 3
P Acero, J Cama, C Ayora, MP Asta
Geologica Acta 7 (3), 389-397, 2009
Field rates for natural attenuation of arsenic in Tinto Santa Rosa acid mine drainage (SW Spain)
MP Asta, C Ayora, P Acero, J Cama
Journal of Hazardous Materials 177 (1-3), 1102-1111, 2010
Galena surface reactivity at acidic pH and 25 C based on flow-through and in situ AFM experiments
J Cama, P Acero, C Ayora, A Lobo
Chemical Geology 214 (3-4), 309-330, 2005
Evaluation of geochemical and hydrogeological processes by geochemical modeling in an area affected by evaporite karstification
P Acero, LF Auqué, JP Galve, F Gutiérrez, D Carbonel, MJ Gimeno, ...
Journal of Hydrology 529, 1874-1889, 2015
Hydrogeochemical characterization of an evaporite karst area affected by sinkholes (Ebro Valley, NE Spain)
P Acero, F Gutiérrez, JP Galve, LF Auqué, D Carbonel, MJ Gimeno, ...
Geologica Acta: an international earth science journal 11 (4), 389-407, 2013
Dissolution of minor sulphides present in a pyritic sludge at pH 3 and 25º C
J Cama, P Acero
Geologica Acta 3 (1), 15-26, 2005
Formation of a hardpan in the co-disposal of fly ash and sulfide mine tailings and its influence on the generation of acid mine drainage
D Quispe, R Pérez-López, P Acero, C Ayora, JM Nieto, R Tucoulou
Chemical Geology 355, 45-55, 2013
The role of mineralogy on element mobility in two sulfide mine tailings from the Iberian Pyrite Belt (SW Spain)
D Quispe, R Pérez-López, P Acero, C Ayora, JM Nieto
Chemical Geology 345, 119-129, 2013
Water-rock interaction modelling and uncertainties of mixing modelling. SDM-Site Forsmark
MJ Gimeno, LF Auque, JB Gomez, P Acero
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