Attila Gere
Attila Gere
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Readiness to adopt insects in Hungary: A case study
A Gere, G Székely, S Kovács, Z Kókai, L Sipos
Food Quality and Preference 59, 81-86, 2017
Effect of aleurone-rich flour on composition, baking, textural, and sensory properties of bread
A Bagdi, B Tóth, R Lőrincz, S Szendi, A Gere, Z Kókai, L Sipos, ...
LWT-Food Science and Technology 65, 762-769, 2016
Effect of aleurone-rich flour on composition, cooking, textural, and sensory properties of pasta
A Bagdi, F Szabó, A Gere, Z Kókai, L Sipos, S Tömösközi
LWT-Food Science and Technology 59 (2), 996-1002, 2014
Buckwheat-pasta enriched with silkworm powder: Technological analysis and sensory evaluation
B Biró, R Fodor, I Szedljak, K Pásztor-Huszár, A Gere
LWT 116, 108542, 2019
Visual attention accompanying food decision process: An alternative approach to choose the best models
A Gere, L Danner, N de Antoni, S Kovács, K Dürrschmid, L Sipos
Food Quality and Preference 51, 1-7, 2016
Which insect species can best be proposed for human consumption?
A Gere, D Radványi, K Héberger
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 52, 358-367, 2019
Generalized Pairwise Correlation and method comparison: Impact assessment for JAR attributes on overall liking
A Gere, L Sipos, K Héberger
Food Quality and Preference 43, 88-96, 2015
Is soft independent modeling of class analogies a reasonable choice for supervised pattern recognition?
A Rácz, A Gere, D Bajusz, K Héberger
RSC Advances 8 (1), 10-21, 2018
Comparison of the performance of a trained and an untrained sensory panel on sweetcorn varieties with the panelcheck software
V Loso, A Gere, A Gyorey, Z Kokai, L Sipos
APSTRACT: Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce 6 (1033-2016-84050), 77, 2012
Applying parallel factor analysis and Tucker‐3 methods on sensory and instrumental data to establish preference maps: case study on sweet corn varieties
A Gere, V Losó, A Györey, S Kovács, L Huzsvai, A Nábrádi, Z Kókai, ...
Journal of the science of food and agriculture 94 (15), 3213-3225, 2014
Make a choice! Visual attention and choice behaviour in multialternative food choice situations
L Danner, N de Antoni, A Gere, L Sipos, S Kovács, K Dürrschmid
Acta Alimentaria 45 (4), 515-524, 2016
Cricket-Enriched Oat Biscuit: Technological Analysis and Sensory Evaluation
B Biró, MA Sipos, A Kovács, K Badak-Kerti, K Pásztor-Huszár, A Gere
Foods 9 (11), 1561, 2020
Application of Sensory Assessment, Electronic Tongue and GC–MS to Characterize Coffee Samples
E Várvölgyi, A Gere, D Szöllősi, L Sipos, Z Kovács, Z Kókai, M Csóka, ...
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 40 (1), 125-133, 2015
Rapid evaluation technique to differentiate mushroom disease-related moulds by detecting microbial volatile organic compounds using HS-SPME-GC-MS
D Radványi, A Gere, Z Jókai, P Fodor
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 407 (2), 537-545, 2015
Comparison of different Ocimum basilicum L. gene bank accessions analyzed by GC–MS and sensory profile
B Bernhardt, L Sipos, Z Kókai, A Gere, K Szabó, J Bernáth, S Sárosi
Industrial Crops and Products 67, 498-508, 2015
Influence of mood on gazing behavior: Preliminary evidences from an eye-tracking study
A Gere, Z Kókai, L Sipos
Food Quality and Preference 61, 1-5, 2017
Structure of presented stimuli influences gazing behavior and choice
A Gere, L Danner, K Dürrschmid, Z Kókai, L Sipos, L Huzsvai, S Kovács
Food Quality and Preference 83, 103915, 2020
Comparison of preference mapping methods: a case study on flavored kefirs
A Gere, S Kovács, K Pásztor‐Huszár, Z Kókai, L Sipos
Journal of Chemometrics 28 (4), 293-300, 2014
Coherences of instrumental and sensory characteristics: case study on cherry tomatoes
L Csambalik, A Divéky‐Ertsey, Z Pap, C Orbán, M Stégerné Máté, A Gere, ...
Journal of food science 79 (11), C2192-C2202, 2014
Effect of Selected Drying Methods and Emerging Drying Intensification Technologies on the Quality of Dried Fruit: A Review
M Radojčin, I Pavkov, D Bursać Kovačević, P Putnik, A Wiktor, ...
Processes 9 (1), 132, 2021
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