David Petrou
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Towards federated learning at scale: System design
K Bonawitz, H Eichner, W Grieskamp, D Huba, A Ingerman, V Ivanov, ...
Proceedings of machine learning and systems 1, 374-388, 2019
Facial recognition with social network aiding
D Petrou, A Rabinovich, H Adam
US Patent 8,670,597, 2014
Query-independent entity importance in books
D Petrou, CK Chan, D Loreto, JC Reynar, N Jevtic
US Patent 7,958,128, 2011
Region of Interest Selector for Visual Queries
D Petrou, Z Cohen, P Ting, DS Lee
US Patent App. 12/853,188, 2011
Actionable search results for visual queries
D Petrou, A Flamholz, MR Casey, T Power
US Patent 8,977,639, 2015
Architecture for responding to a visual query
D Petrou
US Patent 9,135,277, 2015
Displaying search results on a one or two dimensional graph
A Hogue, J Reynar, M Gordon, D Vespe, D Petrou
US Patent App. 11/537,493, 2008
SLIC: An Extensibility System for Commodity Operating Systems.
DP Ghormley, SH Rodrigues, D Petrou, TE Anderson
USENIX Annual Technical Conference 98, 1998
Dynamic Function Placement for {Data-Intensive} Cluster Computing
K Amiri, D Petrou, GR Ganger, GA Gibson
2000 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC 00), 2000
GLUix: a global layer unix for a network of workstations
DP Ghormley, D Petrou, SH Rodrigues, AM Vahdat, TE Anderson
Software: Practice and Experience 28 (9), 929-961, 1998
Locking mechanism based on unnatural movement of head-mounted display
D Petrou
US Patent 8,223,024, 2012
Actionable search results for street view visual queries
D Petrou, J Flynn, T Power
US Patent 9,405,772, 2016
Hybrid use of location sensor data and visual query to return local listings for visual query
D Petrou, J Flynn, H Adam, H Neven
US Patent 9,852,156, 2017
User interface for presenting search results for multiple regions of a visual query
D Petrou, T Power
US Patent 9,087,059, 2015
Locking mechanism based on unnatural movement of head-mounted display
D Petrou
US Patent 8,659,433, 2014
Head-mounted display that displays a visual representation of physical interaction with an input interface located outside of the field of view
D Petrou
US Patent 8,217,856, 2012
Simulated hyperlinks on a mobile device based on user intent and a centered selection of text
M Sharifi, D Petrou
US Patent 10,055,390, 2018
Modeling personal entities on a mobile device using embeddings
M Sharifi, D Petrou, P Khaitan
US Patent 10,803,391, 2020
Method and apparatus for enabling real-time product and vendor identification
D Petrou, H Adam, L Garcia-Barrio, H Neven
US Patent 9,262,780, 2016
Identifying matching canonical documents in response to a visual query and in accordance with geographic information
D Petrou, AC Popat, MR Casey
US Patent 8,805,079, 2014
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