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Hivatkozott rá
Learning active facial patches for expression analysis
L Zhong, Q Liu, P Yang, B Liu, J Huang, DN Metaxas
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Oriented Object Detection in Aerial Images with Box Boundary-Aware Vectors
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Trustworthy AI: From Principles to Practices
B Li, P Qi, B Liu, S Di, J Liu, J Pei, J Yi, B Zhou
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Heterogeneous deep graph infomax
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Co-saliency detection via mask-guided fully convolutional networks with multi-scale label smoothing
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Adaptive graph convolutional network with attention graph clustering for co-saliency detection
K Zhang, T Li, S Shen, B Liu, J Chen, Q Liu
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The ninth visual object tracking vot2021 challenge results
M Kristan, J Matas, A Leonardis, M Felsberg, R Pflugfelder, ...
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Dual-path attention network for compressed sensing image reconstruction
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Multi-scale cell instance segmentation with keypoint graph based bounding boxes
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Multi-Stage Feature Fusion Network for Video Super-Resolution
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Non-manual grammatical marker recognition based on multi-scale, spatio-temporal analysis of head pose and facial expressions
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Joint learning of labels and distance metric
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Deep transport network for unsupervised video object segmentation
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Generative adversarial attributed network anomaly detection
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Deep object co-segmentation via spatial-semantic network modulation
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Large scale medical image search via unsupervised PCA hashing
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Recognition of Nonmanual Markers in American Sign Language (ASL) Using Non-Parametric Adaptive 2D-3D Face Tracking
D Metaxas, B Liu, F Yang, P Yang, N Michael, C Neidle
Deepacg: Co-saliency detection via semantic-aware contrast gromov-wasserstein distance
K Zhang, M Dong, B Liu, XT Yuan, Q Liu
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2021
Sharpen focus: Learning with attention separability and consistency
L Wang, Z Wu, S Karanam, KC Peng, RV Singh, B Liu, DN Metaxas
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Meta-Learning with Network Pruning
H Tian, B Liu, XT Yuan, Q Liu
ECCV, 2020
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