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Laurence LUTSEN
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The relation between open‐circuit voltage and the onset of photocurrent generation by charge‐transfer absorption in polymer: fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells
K Vandewal, A Gadisa, WD Oosterbaan, S Bertho, F Banishoeib, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 18 (14), 2064-2070, 2008
Effect of temperature and illumination on the electrical characteristics of polymer–fullerene bulk‐heterojunction solar cells
I Riedel, J Parisi, V Dyakonov, L Lutsen, D Vanderzande, JC Hummelen
Advanced Functional Materials 14 (1), 38-44, 2004
Effect of temperature on the morphological and photovoltaic stability of bulk heterojunction polymer: fullerene solar cells
S Bertho, G Janssen, TJ Cleij, B Conings, W Moons, A Gadisa, J D’Haen, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 92 (7), 753-760, 2008
Low band gap donor− acceptor conjugated polymers toward organic solar cells applications
K Colladet, S Fourier, TJ Cleij, L Lutsen, J Gelan, D Vanderzande, ...
Macromolecules 40 (1), 65-72, 2007
Charge transport and recombination in bulk heterojunction solar cells studied by the photoinduced charge extraction in linearly increasing voltage technique
AJ Mozer, NS Sariciftci, L Lutsen, D Vanderzande, R Österbacka, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (11), 2005
Low-band gap polymers for photovoltaic applications
K Colladet, M Nicolas, L Goris, L Lutsen, D Vanderzande
Thin Solid Films 451, 7-11, 2004
A round robin study of flexible large-area roll-to-roll processed polymer solar cell modules
FC Krebs, SA Gevorgyan, B Gholamkhass, S Holdcroft, C Schlenker, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 93 (11), 1968-1977, 2009
Life cycle analyses of organic photovoltaics: a review
S Lizin, S Van Passel, E De Schepper, W Maes, L Lutsen, J Manca, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (11), 3136-3149, 2013
Strategy for enhancing the dielectric constant of organic semiconductors without sacrificing charge carrier mobility and solubility
S Torabi, F Jahani, I Van Severen, C Kanimozhi, S Patil, RWA Havenith, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (1), 150-157, 2015
Influence of thermal ageing on the stability of polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells
S Bertho, I Haeldermans, A Swinnen, W Moons, T Martens, L Lutsen, ...
Solar energy materials and solar cells 91 (5), 385-389, 2007
Absorption phenomena in organic thin films for solar cell applications investigated by photothermal deflection spectroscopy
L Goris, K Haenen, M Nesladek, P Wagner, D Vanderzande, ...
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Porphyrin‐based bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics: the rise of the colors of life
J Kesters, P Verstappen, M Kelchtermans, L Lutsen, D Vanderzande, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (13), 1500218, 2015
Investigation of the degradation mechanisms of a variety of organic photovoltaic devices by combination of imaging techniques—the ISOS-3 inter-laboratory collaboration
R Rösch, DM Tanenbaum, M Jørgensen, M Seeland, M Bärenklau, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (4), 6521-6540, 2012
High dielectric constant conjugated materials for organic photovoltaics
J Brebels, JV Manca, L Lutsen, D Vanderzande, W Maes
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (46), 24037-24050, 2017
Effect of Alkyl Side‐Chain Length on Photovoltaic Properties of Poly (3‐alkylthiophene)/PCBM Bulk Heterojunctions
A Gadisa, WD Oosterbaan, K Vandewal, JC Bolsée, S Bertho, J D'Haen, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (20), 3300-3306, 2009
Polymer field‐effect transistors fabricated by the sequential gravure printing of polythiophene, two insulator layers, and a metal ink gate
MM Voigt, A Guite, DY Chung, RUA Khan, AJ Campbell, DDC Bradley, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (2), 239-246, 2010
Efficient formation, isolation and characterization of poly (3-alkylthiophene) nanofibres: probing order as a function of side-chain length
WD Oosterbaan, V Vrindts, S Berson, S Guillerez, O Douhéret, B Ruttens, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (30), 5424-5435, 2009
Novel regiospecific MDMO− PPV copolymer with improved charge transport for bulk heterojunction solar cells
AJ Mozer, P Denk, MC Scharber, H Neugebauer, NS Sariciftci, P Wagner, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (17), 5235-5242, 2004
Aging of a donor conjugated polymer: Photochemical studies of the degradation of poly [2‐methoxy‐5‐(3′, 7′‐dimethyloctyloxy)‐1, 4‐phenylenevinylene]
S Chambon, A Rivaton, JL Gardette, M Firon, L Lutsen
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 45 (2), 317-331, 2007
Influence of fullerene ordering on the energy of the charge-transfer state and open-circuit voltage in polymer: fullerene solar cells
F Piersimoni, S Chambon, K Vandewal, R Mens, T Boonen, A Gadisa, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (21), 10873-10880, 2011
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