Yu-Yao Lin
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Ricci curvature of the internet topology
CC Ni, YY Lin, J Gao, XD Gu, E Saucan
2015 IEEE conference on computer communications (INFOCOM), 2758-2766, 2015
Community Detection on Networks with Ricci Flow
CC Ni, YY Lin, F Luo, J Gao
Scientific Reports 9 (Article number: 9984 (2019)), 2019
Quadrilateral and hexahedral mesh generation based on surface foliation theory
N Lei, X Zheng, J Jiang, YY Lin, DX Gu
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 316, 758-781, 2017
Network alignment by discrete Ollivier-Ricci flow
CC Ni, YY Lin, J Gao, X Gu
International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization, 447-462, 2018
Robot Coverage Path Planning for General Surfaces using Quadratic Differentials
YY Lin, CC Ni, N Lei, XD Gu, J Gao
2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2017
Decentralized trajectory tracking using homology and Hodge decomposition in sensor networks
X Yin, YY Lin, CC Ni, J Ding, W Han, D Zhou, J Gao, X Gu
arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.09129, 2017
Hexahedral Mesh Generation of Layered Solids with Sloped Laterals
YY Lin, A Sehgal
29th International Meshing Roundtable (IMR), 2021
Topology Based Scalable Graph Kernels
KS Liu, CC Ni, YY Lin, J Gao
Graph Drawing and Network Visualization: 26th International Symposium, GD 2018, 2018
Positivity of Spatial Entropy in Plane Corner Coloring with Two Symbols
WG Hu, YY Lin, SS Lin
National Chiao Tung University, 2012
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