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Sub-picosecond charge-transfer at near-zero driving force in polymer: non-fullerene acceptor blends and bilayers
Y Zhong, M Causa’, GJ Moore, P Krauspe, B Xiao, F Günther, J Kublitski, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 833, 2020
Reverse dark current in organic photodetectors and the major role of traps as source of noise
J Kublitski, A Hofacker, BK Boroujeni, J Benduhn, VC Nikolis, C Kaiser, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 551, 2021
Impact of molecular quadrupole moments on the energy levels at organic heterojunctions
M Schwarze, KS Schellhammer, K Ortstein, J Benduhn, C Gaul, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 2466, 2019
Intrinsic detectivity limits of organic near‐infrared photodetectors
S Gielen, C Kaiser, F Verstraeten, J Kublitski, J Benduhn, D Spoltore, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (47), 2003818, 2020
Narrowband organic photodetectors–towards miniaturized, spectroscopic sensing
Y Wang, J Kublitski, S Xing, F Dollinger, D Spoltore, J Benduhn, K Leo
Materials Horizons 9 (1), 220-251, 2022
Strong light-matter coupling for reduced photon energy losses in organic photovoltaics
VC Nikolis, A Mischok, B Siegmund, J Kublitski, X Jia, J Benduhn, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 3706, 2019
Enhancing Sub-Bandgap External Quantum Efficiency by Photomultiplication in Narrowband Organic Near-Infrared Photodetectors
J Kublitski
Organic Semiconductor Devices for Light Detection, 151-169, 2022
Orientation dependent molecular electrostatics drives efficient charge generation in homojunction organic solar cells
Y Dong, VC Nikolis, F Talnack, YC Chin, J Benduhn, G Londi, J Kublitski, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 4617, 2020
Miniaturized VIS‐NIR spectrometers based on narrowband and tunable transmission cavity organic photodetectors with ultrahigh specific detectivity above 1014 jones
S Xing, VC Nikolis, J Kublitski, E Guo, X Jia, Y Wang, D Spoltore, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (44), 2102967, 2021
Stacked dual‐wavelength near‐infrared organic photodetectors
Y Wang, B Siegmund, Z Tang, Z Ma, J Kublitski, S Xing, VC Nikolis, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 9 (6), 2001784, 2021
Manipulating the charge transfer absorption for narrowband light detection in the near-infrared
C Kaiser, KS Schellhammer, J Benduhn, B Siegmund, M Tropiano, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (22), 9325-9330, 2019
Photomultiplication‐Type Organic Photodetectors for Near‐Infrared Sensing with High and Bias‐Independent Specific Detectivity
S Xing, J Kublitski, C Hänisch, LC Winkler, T Li, H Kleemann, J Benduhn, ...
Advanced Science 9 (7), 2105113, 2022
Band gap engineering in blended organic semiconductor films based on dielectric interactions
K Ortstein, S Hutsch, M Hambsch, K Tvingstedt, B Wegner, J Benduhn, ...
Nature Materials 20 (10), 1407-1413, 2021
Field effect versus driving force: Charge generation in small‐molecule organic solar cells
VC Nikolis, Y Dong, J Kublitski, J Benduhn, X Zheng, C Huang, AC Yüzer, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (47), 2002124, 2020
Enhanced Charge Selectivity via Anodic-C60 Layer Reduces Nonradiative Losses in Organic Solar Cells
M Pranav, J Benduhn, M Nyman, SM Hosseini, J Kublitski, S Shoaee, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (10), 12603-12609, 2021
Electrode material dependent p- or n-like thermoelectric behavior of single electrochemically synthesized poly(2,2′–bithiophene) layer—application to thin film …
J Kublitski, ACB Tavares, JPM Serbena, Y Liu, B Hu, IA Hümmelgen
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 20, 2191-2196, 2016
Mechanical, structural and tribological properties of superaustenitic stainless steel submitted at solution heat treatment
FCN Borges, WR Oliveira, J Kublitski
Matéria (Rio de Janeiro) 20, 160-168, 2015
Photomultiplication Enabling High‐Performance Narrowband Near‐Infrared Organic Photodetectors
LC Winkler, J Kublitski, J Benduhn, K Leo
Advanced Electronic Materials 9 (9), 2201350, 2023
Semitransparent Near‐Infrared Organic Photodetectors: Flexible, Large‐Area, and Physical‐Vapor‐Deposited for Versatile Advanced Optical Applications
Y Wang, T Zhang, D Samigullina, LC Winkler, F Dollinger, J Kublitski, ...
Advanced Functional Materials, 2313689, 2024
Reply to Comment on “Enhanced Charge Selectivity via Anodic-C60 Layer Reduces Nonradiative Losses in Organic Solar Cells”
M Pranav, J Benduhn, M Nyman, SM Hosseini, J Kublitski, S Shoaee, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (6), 7527-7530, 2022
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