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Hivatkozott rá
An abundance of small exoplanets around stars with a wide range of metallicities
LA Buchhave, DW Latham, A Johansen, M Bizzarro, G Torres, JF Rowe, ...
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Stellar activity masquerading as planets in the habitable zone of the M dwarf Gliese 581
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The Habitable-zone Planet Finder: A status update on the development of a stabilized fiber-fed near-infrared spectrograph for the for the Hobby-Eberly telescope
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Hα activity of old M dwarfs: stellar cycles and mean activity levels for 93 low-mass stars in the solar neighborhood
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Stellar spectroscopy in the near-infrared with a laser frequency comb
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Power switching system for ESC with array of thermal control elements
KW Gaff, T Anderson, K Comendant, RJP Lu, P Robertson, EA Pape, ...
US Patent 10,049,948, 2018
Stellar activity mimics a habitable-zone planet around Kapteyn’s Star
P Robertson, A Roy, S Mahadevan
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A versatile technique to enable sub-milli-kelvin instrument stability for precise radial velocity measurements: tests with the habitable-zone planet finder
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Revisiting ρ1 Cancri e: A new mass determination of the transiting super-Earth
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The McDonald Observatory Planet Search: New Long-period Giant Planets and Two Interacting Jupiters in the HD 155358 System
P Robertson, M Endl, WD Cochran, PJ MacQueen, RA Wittenmyer, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 749 (1), 39, 2012
A super-Earth and a sub-Neptune orbiting the bright, quiet M3 dwarf TOI-1266
BO Demory, FJ Pozuelos, YGM Chew, L Sabin, R Petrucci, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 642, A49, 2020
Transcriptomic profiling of purified patient-derived dopamine neurons identifies convergent perturbations and therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease
C Sandor, P Robertson, C Lang, A Heger, H Booth, J Vowles, L Witty, ...
Human molecular genetics 26 (3), 552-566, 2017
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