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Olivier Bellier
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Slab detachment beneath eastern Anatolia: A possible cause for the formation of the North Anatolian fault
C Faccenna, O Bellier, J Martinod, C Piromallo, V Regard
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 242 (1-2), 85-97, 2006
Accommodation of Arabia‐Eurasia convergence in the Zagros‐Makran transfer zone, SE Iran: A transition between collision and subduction through a young deforming system
V Regard, O Bellier, JC Thomas, MR Abbassi, J Mercier, E Shabanian, ...
Tectonics 23 (4), 2004
Cumulative right-lateral fault slip rate across the Zagros—Makran transfer zone: role of the Minab—Zendan fault system in accommodating Arabia—Eurasia convergence in …
V Regard, O Bellier, JC Thomas, D Bourles, S Bonnet, MR Abbassi, ...
Geophysical Journal International 162 (1), 177-203, 2005
Late Cenozoic partitioning of oblique plate convergence in the Zagros fold‐and‐thrust belt (Iran)
C Authemayou, D Chardon, O Bellier, Z Malekzadeh, E Shabanian, ...
Tectonics 25 (3), 2006
Relationship between tectonism and volcanism along the Great Sumatran fault zone deduced by SPOT image analyses
O Bellier, M Sébrier
Tectonophysics 233 (3-4), 215-231, 1994
Topography of the Calabria subduction zone (southern Italy): Clues for the origin of Mt. Etna
C Faccenna, P Molin, B Orecchio, V Olivetti, O Bellier, F Funiciello, ...
Tectonics 30 (1), 2011
High slip rate for a low seismicity along the Palu‐Koro active fault in central Sulawesi (Indonesia)
O Bellier, M Sébrier, T Beaudouin, M Villeneuve, R Braucher, D Bourles, ...
Terra Nova 13 (6), 463-470, 2001
Recent state of stress change in the Walker Lane zone, western Basin and Range province, United States
O Bellier, ML Zoback
Tectonics 14 (3), 564-593, 1995
Changes in the tectonic regime above a subduction zone of Andean type: The Andes of Peru and Bolivia during the Pliocene‐Pleistocene
JL Mercier, M Sebrier, A Lavenu, J Cabrera, O Bellier, JF Dumont, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 97 (B8), 11945-11982, 1992
Active deformation in Zagros—Makran transition zone inferred from GPS measurements
R Bayer, J Chery, M Tatar, P Vernant, M Abbassi, F Masson, ...
Geophysical Journal International 165 (1), 373-381, 2006
Recent tectonic reorganization of the Nubia-Eurasia convergent boundary heading for the closure of the western Mediterranean
A Billi, C Faccenna, O Bellier, L Minelli, G Neri, C Piromallo, D Presti, ...
Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France 182 (4), 279-303, 2011
Local erosion rates versus active tectonics: cosmic ray exposure modelling in Provence (south-east France)
L Siame, O Bellier, R Braucher, M Sébrier, M Cushing, D Bourlès, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 220 (3-4), 345-364, 2004
Cosmogenic dating ranging from 20 to 700 ka of a series of alluvial fan surfaces affected by the El Tigre fault, Argentina
LL Siame, DL Bourlès, M Sébrier, O Bellier, J Carlos Castano, M Araujo, ...
Geology 25 (11), 975-978, 1997
The kinematics of the Zagros mountains (Iran)
D Hatzfeld, C Authemayou, P van Der Beek, O Bellier, J Lavé, B Oveisi, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 330 (1), 19-42, 2010
Fission track and fault kinematics analyses for new insight into the Late Cenozoic tectonic regime changes in West-Central Sulawesi (Indonesia)
O Bellier, M Sébrier, D Seward, T Beaudouin, M Villeneuve, E Putranto
Tectonophysics 413 (3-4), 201-220, 2006
The transition between Makran subduction and the Zagros collision: recent advances in its structure and active deformation
V Regard, D Hatzfeld, M Molinaro, C Aubourg, R Bayer, O Bellier, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 330 (1), 43-64, 2010
Plio-quaternary stress states in NE Iran: Kopeh Dagh and Allah Dagh-Binalud mountain ranges
E Shabanian, O Bellier, MR Abbassi, L Siame, Y Farbod
Tectonophysics 480 (1-4), 280-304, 2010
Structural control on volcanism in intraplate post collisional settings: Late Cenozoic to Quaternary examples of Iran and Eastern Turkey
E Shabanian, V Acocella, A Gioncada, H Ghasemi, O Bellier
Tectonics 31 (3), 2012
Structural records of the late Cretaceous–Cenozoic extension in Eastern China and the kinematics of the Southern Tan-Lu and Qinling fault zone (Anhui and Shaanxi provinces, PR …
JL Mercier, P Vergely, YQ Zhang, MJ Hou, O Bellier, YM Wang
Tectonophysics 582, 50-75, 2013
Is the slip rate variation on the Great Sumatran Fault accommodated by fore‐arc stretching?
O Bellier, M Sebrier
Geophysical Research Letters 22 (15), 1969-1972, 1995
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