dr. Geréné dr. Radványi Dalma
dr. Geréné dr. Radványi Dalma
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
E-mail megerősítve itt: uni-mate.hu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Which insect species can best be proposed for human consumption?
A Gere, D Radványi, K Héberger
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Rapid evaluation technique to differentiate mushroom disease-related moulds by detecting microbial volatile organic compounds using HS-SPME-GC-MS
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Mind Genomics (Conjoint Analysis): The new concept research in the analysis of consumer behaviour and choice
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Evaluation of the stability of whipped egg white
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Insect Based Foods a Nutritional Point of View
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Essential Oil Headspace Volatiles Prevent Invasive Box Tree Moth (Cydalima perspectalis) Oviposition—Insights from Electrophysiology and Behaviour
MO Szelényi, AL Erdei, JK Jósvai, D Radványi, B Sümegi, G Vétek, ...
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Consumer response to insect foods
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Discrimination of mushroom disease‐related mould species based solely on unprocessed chromatograms
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Preliminary study of extraction of biologically active compounds from elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) pomace
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Public driven and public perceptible innovation of environmental sector
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Consumer Perspectives about innovations in traditional foods
A Gere, D Radványi, H Moskowitz
Innovations in Traditional Foods, 53-84, 2019
Detection and identification of microbial volatile organic compounds of the green mold disease: MVOC profile on different media
D Radványi, A Geösel, Z Jókai, P Fodor, A Gere
International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems …, 2020
Systematics and Researcher Proclivities in Product Design: History, Success, and Pivot to the Future
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The mind of sustainability: a mind genomics cartography
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The Mind Genomics Metaphor-From Measuring the Every-Day to Sequencing the Mind
A Gere, D Radvanyi, H Moskowitz
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Effect of Scents on Gazing Behavior and Choice
D Szakál, O Fehér, D Radványi, A Gere
Applied Sciences 12 (14), 6899, 2022
Mental Informatics and Agricultural Issues: Global Change vs. Sustainable Agriculture
A Gere, D Radványi, R Sciacca, H Moskowitz
Research Anthology on Strategies for Achieving Agricultural Sustainability …, 2022
From Sampling to Analysis: How to Achieve the Best Sample Throughput via Sampling Optimization and Relevant Compound Analysis Using Sum of Ranking Differences Method?
D Radványi, M Szelényi, A Gere, BP Molnár
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Consumer-designed Features for the Labeling, Packaging, and Advertising of Insect-based Proteins. A Practical Application of the Design of Ideas
A Gere, D Radvanyi, HR Moskowitz
Consumer-based New Product Development for the Food Industry, 85-113, 2021
Volatile organic compounds as diagnostic biomarkers for grey mould on lettuce
MO Szelényi, D Radványi, BP Molnár
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