Michal Malinowski
Michal Malinowski
Senior Scientist, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK); Professor, Institute of Geophysics PAS
E-mail megerősítve itt: igf.edu.pl
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
High-resolution seismic attenuation imaging from wide-aperture onshore data by visco-acoustic frequency-domain full-waveform inversion
M Malinowski, S Operto, A Ribodetti
Geophysical Journal International 186 (3), 1179-1204, 2011
Seismic and geological structure of the crust in the transition from Baltica to Palaeozoic Europe in SE Poland—CELEBRATION 2000 experiment, profile CEL02
M Malinowski, A ŻelaĽniewicz, M Grad, A Guterch, T Janik, ...
Tectonophysics 401 (1-2), 55-77, 2005
Is the Teisseyre‐Tornquist Zone an ancient plate boundary of Baltica?
S Mazur, M Mikolajczak, P Krzywiec, M Malinowski, V Buffenmyer, ...
Tectonics 34 (12), 2465–2477, 2015
Transcurrent nature of the Teisseyre–Tornquist Zone in Central Europe: results of the POLCRUST-01 deep reflection seismic profile
M Narkiewicz, A Maksym, M Malinowski, M Grad, A Guterch, Z Petecki, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 104, 775-796, 2015
Deep seismic reflection profile in Central Europe reveals complex pattern of Paleozoic and Alpine accretion at the East European Craton margin
M Malinowski, A Guterch, M Narkiewicz, J Probulski, A Maksym, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 40 (15), 3841-3846, 2013
Application of curvelet denoising to 2D and 3D seismic data—practical considerations
A Górszczyk, A Adamczyk, M Malinowski
Journal of Applied Geophysics 105, 78-94, 2014
Quantitative imaging of the Permo‐Mesozoic complex and its basement by frequency domain waveform tomography of wide‐aperture seismic data from the Polish Basin
M Malinowski, S Operto
Geophysical Prospecting 56 (6), 805-825, 2008
Pomeranian Caledonides, NW Poland–A collisional suture or thin-skinned fold-and-thrust belt?
S Mazur, M Mikolajczak, P Krzywiec, M Malinowski, M Lewandowski, ...
Tectonophysics 692, 29-43, 2016
High-resolution near-surface velocity model building using full-waveform inversion—A case study from southwest Sweden
A Adamczyk, M Malinowski, A Malehmir
Geophysical Journal International 197 (3), 1693-1704, 2014
Late Carboniferous thin-skinned compressional deformation above the SW edge of the East European craton as revealed by seismic reflection and potential field data—Correlations …
P Krzywiec, S Mazur, Ł G±gała, M Kufrasa, M Lewandowski, ...
GSA Memoirs: Linkages and Feedbacks in Orogenic Systems 213, 353-372, 2017
3D seismic imaging of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in the Flin Flon mining camp, Canada: Part 1—Seismic results
DJ White, D Secord, M Malinowski
Geophysics 77 (5), WC47-WC58, 2012
Variscan deformation along the Teisseyre-Tornquist Zone in SE Poland: Thick-skinned structural inheritance or thin-skinned thrusting?
P Krzywiec, S Mazur, M Kufrasa, M Malinowski, K Pietsch, J Golonka
Tectonophysics 718, 83-91, 2017
3D seismic imaging of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in the Flin Flon mining camp, Canada: Part 2—Forward modeling
M Malinowski, E Schetselaar, DJ White
Geophysics 77 (5), WC81-WC93, 2012
Seismic crustal structure along the deep transect Horsted’05, Svalbard
W Czuba, M Grad, A Guterch, M Majdański, M Malinowski, R Mjelde, ...
Polish polar research 29 (3), 279-290, 2008
Towards a robust workflow for deep crustal imaging by FWI of OBS data: the eastern Nankai Trough revisited
A Górszczyk, S Operto, M Malinowski
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 2017
Application of first-arrival tomography to characterize a quick clay landslide site in Southwest Sweden
A Adamczyk, M Malinowski, A Malehmir
Acta Geophysica 61 (5), 1057-1073, 2013
Deeply concealed half-graben at the SW margin of the East European Craton (SE Poland)—Evidence for Neoproterozoic rifting prior to the break-up of Rodinia
P Krzywiec, P Poprawa, M Mikołajczak, S Mazur, M Malinowski
Journal of Palaeogeography 7 (1), 88-97, 2018
Geophysical constraints on the crustal structure of the East European Platform margin and its foreland based on the POLCRUST-01 deep reflection seismic profile
M Malinowski, A Guterch, M Narkiewicz, Z Petecki, T Janik, P ¦roda, ...
Tectonophysics 653, 109-126, 2015
The Flin Flon 3D knowledge cube
E Schetselaar, S Pehrsson, C Devine, M Currie, D White, M Malinowski
Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 6313, 1-37, 2010
Three-dimensional seismic modelling of the crustal structure between East European Craton and the Carpathians in SE Poland based on CELEBRATION 2000 data
M Malinowski, M Grad, A Guterch, CELEBRATION 2000 Working Group
Geophysical Journal International 173 (2), 546-565, 2008
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