Ali Ebadian
Ali Ebadian
Professor of Mathematics, Urmia University
E-mail megerősítve itt: urmia.ac.ir
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A method for the numerical solution of the integro-differential equations
P Darania, A Ebadian
Applied Mathematics and Computation 188 (1), 657-668, 2007
Perspectives of matrix convex functions
A Ebadian, I Nikoufar, M Eshaghi Gordji
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On Booth lemniscate and starlike functions
R Kargar, A Ebadian, J Sokół
Analysis and Mathematical Physics 9, 143-154, 2019
A fixed point method for perturbation of bimultipliers and Jordan bimultipliers in -ternary algebras
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Stability of a functional equation deriving from cubic and quartic functions
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On approximate additive–quartic and quadratic–cubic functional equations in two variables on abelian groups
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Radius problems for some subclasses of analytic functions
R Kargar, A Ebadian, J Sokół
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The simplest proof of Lieb concavity theorem
I Nikoufar, A Ebadian, ME Gordji
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Linearization method for solving nonlinear integral equations
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On subordination of some analytic functions
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Nonlinear integrals and Hadamard-type inequalities
S Abbaszadeh, A Ebadian
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Solution of nonlinear fractional diffusion-wave equation by traingular functions
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Hedberg's theorem in real Lipschitz algebras
D Alimohammadi, A Ebadian
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Approximation on the reciprocal functional equation in several variables in matrix non-Archimedean random normed spaces
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Functional inequalities associated with Cauchy additive functional equation in non-Archimedean spaces
A Ebadian, N Ghobadipour, TM Rassias, ME Gordji
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society 2011, 2011
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