Bodo Wilts
Bodo Wilts
University of Salzburg
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Hivatkozott rá
Optical properties of gyroid structured materials: from photonic crystals to metamaterials
JA Dolan, BD Wilts, S Vignolini, JJ Baumberg, U Steiner, TD Wilkinson
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HL Leertouwer, BD Wilts, DG Stavenga
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Polarized iridescence of the multilayered elytra of the Japanese jewel beetle, Chrysochroa fulgidissima
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Enhanced Efficiency and Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells Through Nd‐Doping of Mesostructured TiO2
B Roose, KC Gödel, S Pathak, A Sadhanala, JPC Baena, BD Wilts, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (2), 1501868, 2016
Sparkling feather reflections of a bird-of-paradise explained by finite-difference time-domain modeling
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It's not a bug, it's a feature: functional materials in insects
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Imaging scatterometry and microspectrophotometry of lycaenid butterfly wing scales with perforated multilayers
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Butterfly gyroid nanostructures as a time-frozen glimpse of intracellular membrane development
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Colouration principles of nymphaline butterflies-thin films, melanin, ommochromes and wing scale stacking
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Evolutionary‐optimized photonic network structure in white beetle wing scales
BD Wilts, X Sheng, M Holler, A Diaz, M Guizar‐Sicairos, J Raabe, ...
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Sexual dichromatism of the damselfly Calopteryx japonica caused by a melanin-chitin multilayer in the male wing veins
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High refractive index of melanin in shiny occipital feathers of a bird of paradise
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Natural helicoidal structures: morphology, self-assembly and optical properties
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Iridescence and spectral filtering of the gyroid-type photonic crystals in Parides sesostris wing scales
BD Wilts, K Michielsen, H De Raedt, DG Stavenga
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Hemispherical Brillouin zone imaging of a diamond-type biological photonic crystal
BD Wilts, K Michielsen, H De Raedt, DG Stavenga
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Kingfisher feathers–colouration by pigments, spongy nanostructures and thin films
DG Stavenga, J Tinbergen, HL Leertouwer, BD Wilts
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Gold nanoparticles explore cells: Cellular uptake and their use as intracellular probes
A Huefner, D Septiadi, BD Wilts, II Patel, WL Kuan, A Fragniere, ...
Methods 68 (2), 354-363, 2014
Nanodroplet‐Containing Polymers for Efficient Low‐Power Light Upconversion
R Vadrucci, A Monguzzi, F Saenz, BD Wilts, YC Simon, C Weder
Advanced Materials 29 (41), 1702992, 2017
Polymer-Templated LiFePO4/C Nanonetworks as High-Performance Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
MG Fischer, X Hua, BD Wilts, E Castillo-Martínez, U Steiner
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (2), 1646-1653, 2018
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