Zeinab Jahed
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Mechanotransduction pathways linking the extracellular matrix to the nucleus
Z Jahed, H Shams, M Mehrbod, MRK Mofrad
International review of cell and molecular biology 310, 171-220, 2014
The LINC and NPC relationship–it's complicated!
Z Jahed, M Soheilypour, M Peyro, MRK Mofrad
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Fabrication, microstructure, and mechanical properties of tin nanostructures
MJ Burek, AS Budiman, Z Jahed, N Tamura, M Kunz, S Jin, SMJ Han, ...
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Actin reorganization through dynamic interactions with single-wall carbon nanotubes
H Shams, BD Holt, SH Mahboobi, Z Jahed, MF Islam, KN Dahl, ...
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Grain boundary effects on the mechanical properties of bismuth nanostructures
MJ Burek, S Jin, MC Leung, Z Jahed, J Wu, AS Budiman, N Tamura, ...
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Cell responses to metallic nanostructure arrays with complex geometries
Z Jahed, S Molladavoodi, BB Seo, M Gorbet, TY Tsui, MRK Mofrad
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Conserved SUN-KASH interfaces mediate LINC complex-dependent nuclear movement and positioning
NE Cain, Z Jahed, A Schoenhofen, VA Valdez, B Elkin, H Hao, NJ Harris, ...
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A disulfide bond is required for the transmission of forces through SUN-KASH complexes
Z Jahed, H Shams, MRK Mofrad
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Responses of Staphylococcus aureus bacterial cells to nanocrystalline nickel nanostructures
Z Jahed, P Lin, BB Seo, MS Verma, FX Gu, TY Tsui, MRK Mofrad
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Molecular insights into the mechanisms of SUN1 oligomerization in the nuclear envelope
Z Jahed, D Fadavi, UT Vu, E Asgari, GWG Luxton, MRK Mofrad
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Bacterial networks on hydrophobic micropillars
Z Jahed, H Shahsavan, MS Verma, JL Rogowski, BB Seo, B Zhao, ...
ACS nano 11 (1), 675-683, 2017
Thermal nanoimprint lithography using fluoropolymer mold
C Con, J Zhang, Z Jahed, TY Tsui, M Yavuz, B Cui
Microelectronic engineering 98, 246-249, 2012
The nucleus feels the force, LINCed in or not!
Z Jahed, MRK Mofrad
Current Opinion in Cell Biology 58, 114-119, 2019
Residual stress measurements in an autofrettage tube using hole drilling method
H Jahed, MR Faritus, Z Jahed
Journal of pressure vessel technology 134 (5), 2012
Kindlin assists talin to promote integrin activation
Z Haydari, H Shams, Z Jahed, MRK Mofrad
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Role of KASH domain lengths in the regulation of LINC complexes
Z Jahed, H Hao, V Thakkar, UT Vu, VA Valdez, A Rathish, C Tolentino, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 30 (16), 2076-2086, 2019
Kindlin is mechanosensitive: Force-induced conformational switch mediates cross-talk among integrins
Z Jahed, Z Haydari, A Rathish, MRK Mofrad
Biophysical journal 116 (6), 1011-1024, 2019
Differential collective-and single-cell behaviors on silicon micropillar arrays
Z Jahed, R Zareian, YY Chau, BB Seo, M West, TY Tsui, W Wen, ...
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On the nuclear pore complex and its roles in nucleo-cytoskeletal coupling and mechanobiology
M Soheilypour, M Peyro, Z Jahed, MRK Mofrad
Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering 9 (2), 217-226, 2016
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