Reut Tsarfaty
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Universal dependencies v1: A multilingual treebank collection
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Evaluating models' local decision boundaries via contrast sets
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Universal Dependencies 1.2
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Overview of the SPMRL 2013 shared task: A cross-framework evaluation of parsing morphologically rich languages
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Statistical parsing of morphologically rich languages (spmrl) what, how and whither
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Introducing the SPMRL 2014 shared task on parsing morphologically-rich languages
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Parsing morphologically rich languages: Introduction to the special issue
R Tsarfaty, D Seddah, S Kübler, J Nivre
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A unified morpho-syntactic scheme of Stanford dependencies
R Tsarfaty
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QADiscourse--Discourse Relations as QA Pairs: Representation, Crowdsourcing and Baselines
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Integrated morphological and syntactic disambiguation for modern hebrew
R Tsarfaty
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Evaluating dependency parsing: Robust and heuristics-free cross-annotation evaluation
R Tsarfaty, J Nivre, E Andersson
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Getting the## life out of living: How adequate are word-pieces for modelling complex morphology?
S Klein, R Tsarfaty
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Joint Transition-Based Models for Morpho-Syntactic Parsing: Parsing Strategies for MRLs and a Case Study from Modern Hebrew
A More, A Seker, V Basmova, R Tsarfaty
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AlephBERT: A Hebrew large pre-trained language model to start-off your Hebrew NLP application with
A Seker, E Bandel, D Bareket, I Brusilovsky, RS Greenfeld, R Tsarfaty
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Asking it all: Generating contextualized questions for any semantic role
V Pyatkin, P Roit, J Michael, R Tsarfaty, Y Goldberg, I Dagan
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Cross-framework evaluation for statistical parsing
R Tsarfaty, J Nivre, E Andersson
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Relational-realizational parsing
R Tsarfaty, K Sima’an
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Enhancing unlexicalized parsing performance using a wide coverage lexicon, fuzzy tag-set mapping, and EM-HMM-based lexical probabilities
Y Goldberg, R Tsarfaty, M Adler, M Elhadad
Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the European Chapter of the ACL (EACL …, 2009
From SPMRL to NMRL: What did we learn (and unlearn) in a decade of parsing morphologically-rich languages (MRLs)?
R Tsarfaty, D Bareket, S Klein, A Seker
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.01330, 2020
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