Bruno Huet
Bruno Huet
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Electrochemical behavior of mild steel in concrete: Influence of pH and carbonate content of concrete pore solution
B Huet, V L’Hostis, F Miserque, H Idrissi
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Quantitative reactive transport modeling of Portland cement in CO2-saturated water
BM Huet, JH Prevost, GW Scherer
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Steel corrosion in concrete: Determinist modeling of cathodic reaction as a function of water saturation degree
B Huet, V L’hostis, G Santarini, D Feron, H Idrissi
Corrosion science 49 (4), 1918-1932, 2007
Effect of calcium carbonate on low carbon steel corrosion behavior in saline CO2 high pressure environments
LM Tavares, EM da Costa, JJ de Oliveira Andrade, R Hubler, B Huet
Applied Surface Science 359, 143-152, 2015
Impact of quantity of anhydrite, water to binder ratio, fineness on kinetics and phase assemblage of belite-ye'elimite-ferrite cement
V Morin, P Termkhajornkit, B Huet, G Pham
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A review of Portland cement carbonation mechanisms in CO2 rich environment
B Huet, V Tasoti, I Khalfallah
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Understanding the carbonation of concrete with supplementary cementitious materials: a critical review by RILEM TC 281-CCC
S von Greve-Dierfeld, B Lothenbach, A Vollpracht, B Wu, B Huet, ...
Materials and structures 53 (6), 1-34, 2020
Impact of the microstructure model on coupled simulation of drying and accelerated carbonation
F Georget, JH Prévost, B Huet
Cement and concrete research 104, 1-12, 2018
Stability of a leakage pathway in a cemented annulus
L Deremble, M Loizzo, B Huet, B Lecampion, D Quesada
Energy Procedia 4, 5283-5290, 2011
Influence of alkali, silicate, and sulfate content of carbonated concrete pore solution on mild steel corrosion behavior
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Carbonation of wellbore cement by CO2 diffusion from caprock
GW Scherer, B Huet
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 3 (6), 731-735, 2009
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electrochemical studies of mild steel FeE500 passivation in concrete simulated water
F Miserque, B Huet, G Azou, D Bendjaballah, V l'Hostis
Journal de Physique IV (Proceedings) 136, 89-97, 2006
Comportement à la corrosion des armatures dans un béton carbonaté. Influence de la chimie de la solution interstitielle et d’une barrière de transport.
B Huet
INSA Lyon, 2005
Experimental and modeling study of calcium carbonate precipitation and its effects on the degradation of oil well cement during carbonated brine exposure
EN Matteo, B Huet, CF Jové-Colón, GW Scherer
Cement and Concrete Research 113, 1-12, 2018
A new test method to determine the gaseous oxygen diffusion coefficient of cement pastes as a function of hydration duration, microstructure, and relative humidity
M Boumaaza, B Huet, G Pham, P Turcry, A Aït-Mokhtar, C Gehlen
Materials and Structures 51 (2), 1-17, 2018
Reactive transport modelling of cement paste leaching in brines
F Georget, JH Prévost, B Huet
Cement and Concrete Research 111, 183-196, 2018
Influence of carbonation on the microstructure and the gas diffusivity of hardened cement pastes
M Boumaaza, P Turcry, B Huet, A Ait-Mokhtar
Construction and Building Materials 253, 119227, 2020
Monitoring CO2 migration in an injection well: evidence from MovECBM
M Loizzo, S Lombardi, L Deremble, B Lecampion, D Quesada, B Huet, ...
Energy Procedia 4, 5203-5210, 2011
Evolution of Portland cement mechanical properties exposed to CO2 rich fluids: investigation at different scales
B Lecampion, J Vanzo, FJ Ulm, B Huet, C Germay, I Khalfallah, ...
MPPS 2011, symposium on mechanics and physics of porous solids: a tribute to …, 2011
Comparative kinetics study on carbonation of ettringite and meta-ettringite based materials
B Chen, M Horgnies, B Huet, V Morin, K Johannes, F Kuznik
Cement and Concrete Research 137, 106209, 2020
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