Jasmine Brewer
Jasmine Brewer
Leverhulme-Peierls Fellow, Oxford
E-mail megerősítve itt: cern.ch
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Searching for the QCD critical point via the rapidity dependence of cumulants
J Brewer, S Mukherjee, K Rajagopal, Y Yin
Physical Review C 98 (6), 061901, 2018
Evolution of the mean jet shape and dijet asymmetry distribution of an ensemble of holographic jets in strongly coupled plasma
J Brewer, K Rajagopal, A Sadofyev, W Van Der Schee
Journal of High Energy Physics 2018 (2), 1-43, 2018
Opportunities of OO and O collisions at the LHC
J Brewer, A Mazeliauskas, W van der Schee
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.01939, 2021
Sorting out quenched jets
J Brewer, JG Milhano, J Thaler
Physical Review Letters 122 (22), 222301, 2019
Adiabatic hydrodynamization in rapidly-expanding quark–gluon plasma
J Brewer, L Yan, Y Yin
Physics Letters B 816, 136189, 2021
Nonhydrodynamic transport in trapped unitary Fermi gases
J Brewer, P Romatschke
Physical Review Letters 115 (19), 190404, 2015
Self-assembly of skyrmion-dressed chiral nematic colloids with tangential anchoring
IIS M. B. Pandey, T. Porenta, J. Brewer, A. Burkart, S. Čopar, S. ®umer
Physical Review E 89 (6), 060502, 2014
Disentangling jet modification in jet simulations and in Z+ jet data
J Brewer, Q Brodsky, K Rajagopal
Journal of High Energy Physics 2022 (2), 1-22, 2022
Scaling and adiabaticity in a rapidly expanding gluon plasma
J Brewer, B Scheihing-Hitschfeld, Y Yin
Journal of High Energy Physics 2022 (5), 1-39, 2022
Data-driven quark-and gluon-jet modification in heavy-ion collisions
J Brewer, J Thaler, AP Turner
Physical Review C 103 (2), L021901, 2021
A reconnection-driven model of the hard X-ray loop-top source from flare 2004 February 26
D Longcope, J Qiu, J Brewer
The Astrophysical Journal 833 (2), 211, 2016
Jet shape modifications in holographic dijet systems
J Brewer, A Sadofyev, W van der Schee
Physics Letters B 820, 136492, 2021
The medium-modified splitting function in the BDMPS-Z formalism
M Attems, J Brewer, GM Innocenti, A Mazeliauskas, S Park, ...
Journal of High Energy Physics 2023 (1), 1-60, 2023
Holographic jet shapes and their evolution in strongly coupled plasma
J Brewer, K Rajagopal, A Sadofyev, W van der Schee
Nuclear Physics A 967, 508-511, 2017
Lattice Boltzmann simulations of a strongly interacting two-dimensional Fermi gas
J Brewer, M Mendoza, RE Young, P Romatschke
Physical Review A 93 (1), 013618, 2016
Ratios of jet and hadron spectra at LHC energies: Measuring high- suppression without a reference
J Brewer, A Huss, A Mazeliauskas, W van der Schee
Physical Review D 105 (7), 074040, 2022
String-theory-based predictions for nonhydrodynamic collective modes in strongly interacting Fermi gases
H Bantilan, JT Brewer, T Ishii, WE Lewis, P Romatschke
Physical Review A 94 (3), 033621, 2016
Predictions for the sPHENIX physics program
R Belmont, J Brewer, Q Brodsky, P Caucal, M Connors, M Djordjevic, ...
Nuclear Physics A 1043, 122821, 2024
Data-driven extraction of the substructure of quark and gluon jets in proton-proton and heavy-ion collisions
Y Ying
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.15785, 2022
Disentangling jet modification
J Brewer, Q Brodsky, K Rajagopal
arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.03316, 2020
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