Martin Wille
Martin Wille
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Hivatkozott rá
Evidence for a gradual rise of oxygen between 2.6 and 2.5 Ga from Mo isotopes and Re-PGE signatures in shales
M Wille, JD Kramers, TF Nägler, NJ Beukes, S Schröder, T Meisel, ...
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Highly metalliferous carbonaceous shale and Early Cambrian seawater
B Lehmann, TF Nägler, HD Holland, M Wille, J Mao, J Pan, D Ma, ...
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Hydrogen sulphide release to surface waters at the Precambrian/Cambrian boundary
M Wille, TF Nägler, B Lehmann, S Schröder, JD Kramers
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Silicon isotopic fractionation in marine sponges: A new model for understanding silicon isotopic variations in sponges
M Wille, J Sutton, MJ Ellwood, M Sambridge, W Maher, S Eggins, M Kelly
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 292 (3-4), 281-289, 2010
Manganese oxide shuttling in pre-GOE oceans–evidence from molybdenum and iron isotopes
F Kurzweil, M Wille, N Gantert, NJ Beukes, R Schoenberg
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Mo–Cr isotope evidence for a reducing Archean atmosphere in 3.46–2.76 Ga black shales from the Pilbara, Western Australia
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Molybdenum isotope systematics in subduction zones
S König, M Wille, A Voegelin, R Schoenberg
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The stable Cr isotopic compositions of chondrites and silicate planetary reservoirs
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Coupled sulfur, iron and molybdenum isotope data from black shales of the Teplá-Barrandian unit argue against deep ocean oxygenation during the Ediacaran
F Kurzweil, K Drost, J Pašava, M Wille, H Taubald, D Schoeckle, ...
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Atypical Mo isotope signatures in eastern Mediterranean sediments
A Reitz, M Wille, TF Nägler, GJ de Lange
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Primary silica precipitate at the Precambrian/Cambrian boundary in the south Oman salt basin, sultanate of Oman
K Ramseyer, JE Amthor, A Matter, T Pettke, M Wille, AE Fallick
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Geochemical stratigraphy, sedimentology, and Mo isotope systematics of the ca. 2.58–2.50 Ga-old Transvaal Supergroup carbonate platform, South Africa
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Glacial silicic acid concentrations in the Southern Ocean
MJ Ellwood, M Wille, W Maher
Science 330 (6007), 1088-1091, 2010
Aerobic iron and manganese cycling in a redox-stratified Mesoarchean epicontinental sea
FO Ossa, A Hofmann, M Wille, JE Spangenberg, A Bekker, SW Poulton, ...
Earth and planetary science letters 500, 28-40, 2018
Coupled Hf–Nd–Pb isotope co-variations of HIMU oceanic island basalts from Mangaia, Cook-Austral islands, suggest an Archean source component in the mantle transition zone
O Nebel, RJ Arculus, W van Westrenen, JD Woodhead, FE Jenner, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 112, 87-101, 2013
Deep mantle storage of the Earth’s missing niobium in late-stage residual melts from a magma ocean
O Nebel, W van Westrenen, PZ Vroon, M Wille, MM Raith
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 (15), 4392-4404, 2010
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