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One-versus two-electron oxidation with peroxomonosulfate ion: Reactions with iron (II), vanadium (IV), halide ions, and photoreaction with cerium (III)
G Lente, J Kalmár, Z Baranyai, A Kun, I Kék, D Bajusz, M Takács, L Veres, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 48 (4), 1763-1773, 2009
Mechanism of Decomposition of the Human Defense Factor Hypothiocyanite Near Physiological pH
J Kalmar, KL Woldegiorgis, B Biri, MT Ashby
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (49), 19911-19921, 2011
Photocatalytic performance of highly amorphous titania-silica aerogels with mesopores: the adverse effect of the in-situ adsorption of some organic substrates during …
I Lázár, J Kalmár, A Peter, A Szilágyi, E Győri, T Ditrói, I Fábián
Applied Surface Science 356, 521-531, 2015
Mechanism of drug release from silica-gelatin aerogel—Relationship between matrix structure and release kinetics
P Veres, M Kéri, I Bányai, I Lázár, I Fábián, C Domingo, J Kalmár
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 152, 229-237, 2017
Kinetics of Formation of the Host–Guest Complex of a Viologen with Cucurbit [7] uril
J Kalmár, SB Ellis, MT Ashby, RL Halterman
Organic Letters 14 (13), 3248-3251, 2012
Water exchange rates of water-soluble manganese (III) porphyrins of therapeutical potential
A Budimir, J Kalmár, I Fábián, G Lente, I Bányai, I Batinić-Haberle, M Biruš
Dalton Transactions 39 (18), 4405-4410, 2010
Kinetics and mechanism of the adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solution on the surface of a quartz cuvette by on-line UV-Vis spectrophotometry
J Kalmár, G Lente, I Fábián
Dyes and Pigments 127, 170-178, 2016
Equilibria and kinetics of chromium (VI) speciation in aqueous solution–a comprehensive study from pH 2 to 11
M Szabó, J Kalmár, T Ditrói, G Bellér, G Lente, N Simic, I Fábián
Inorganica Chimica Acta 472, 295-301, 2018
Aqueous photochemical reactions of chloride, bromide, and iodide ions in a diode-array spectrophotometer. Autoinhibition in the photolysis of iodide ion
J Kalmár, É Dóka, G Lente, I Fábián
Dalton Transactions 43 (12), 4862-4870, 2014
Detailed Kinetics and Mechanism of the Oxidation of Thiocyanate Ion (SCN–) by Peroxomonosulfate Ion (HSO5–). Formation and Subsequent Oxidation of Hypothiocyanite Ion (OSCN–)
J Kalmár, G Lente, I Fábián
Inorganic Chemistry 52 (4), 2150-2156, 2013
A redox strategy to tailor the release properties of Fe (III)-alginate aerogels for oral drug delivery
P Veres, D Sebők, I Dékány, P Gurikov, I Smirnova, I Fábián, J Kalmár
Carbohydrate polymers 188, 159-167, 2018
Construction of a multipurpose photochemical reactor with on-line spectrophotometric detection
T Ditrói, J Kalmár, JA Pino-Chamorro, Z Erdei, G Lente, I Fábián
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 15 (4), 589-594, 2016
Reaction Schemes That Are Easily Confused with a Reversible First–Order Reaction
Á Balogh, G Lente, J Kalmár, I Fábián
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 47 (12), 773-782, 2015
The Pore Network and the Adsorption Characteristics of Mesoporous Silica Aerogel: Adsorption Kinetics on a Timescale of Seconds
J Kalmár, M Kéri, Z Erdei, I Bányai, I Lázár, G Lente, I Fábián
RSC Advances 5, 107237–107246, 2015
Collision induced dissociation study of the major components of silymarin
Á Kuki, B Biri, L Nagy, G Deák, J Kalmár, A Mándi, M Nagy, M Zsuga, ...
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 315, 46-54, 2012
Kinetics and mechanism of the chromium (VI) catalyzed decomposition of hypochlorous acid at elevated temperature and high ionic strength
J Kalmár, M Szabó, N Simic, I Fábián
Dalton Transactions 47 (11), 3831-3840, 2018
Detailed Mechanism of the Autoxidation of N-hydroxyurea Catalyzed by a Superoxide Dismutase Mimic Mn (III) Porphyrin: Formation of the Nitrosylated Mn (II) Porphyrin as an …
J Kalmár, B Biri, G Lente, I Bányai, A Budimir, M Birus, I Batinic-Haberle, ...
Dalton Transactions 41 (38), 11875-11884, 2012
Solvatochromic isocyanonaphthalene dyes as ligands for silver (I) complexes, their applicability in silver (I) detection and background reduction in biolabelling
M Nagy, D Rácz, ZL Nagy, PP Fehér, J Kalmár, I Fábián, A Kiss, M Zsuga, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 255, 2555-2567, 2018
Biocompatible silica-gelatin hybrid aerogels covalently labeled with fluorescein
P Veres, G Király, G Nagy, I Lázár, I Fábián, J Kalmár
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 473, 17-25, 2017
Matrix systems for oral drug delivery: Formulations and drug release
G Vasvári, J Kalmár, P Veres, M Vecsernyés, I Bácskay, P Fehér, Z Ujhelyi, ...
Drug Discovery Today: Technologies 27, 71-80, 2018
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