Péter Vancsó
Péter Vancsó
Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science, Centre for Energy Research
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Room temperature magnetic order on zigzag edges of narrow graphene nanoribbons
GZ Magda, X Jin, I Hagymasi, P Vancso, Z Osvath, P Nemes-Incze, ...
Nature 514, 608-611, 2014
Spontaneous doping of the basal plane of MoS2 single layers through oxygen substitution under ambient conditions
J Pető, T Ollár, P Vancsó, ZI Popov, GZ Magda, G Dobrik, C Hwang, ...
Nature chemistry 10 (12), 1246-1251, 2018
The intrinsic defect structure of exfoliated MoS2 single layers revealed by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
P Vancsó, GZ Magda, J Pető, JY Noh, YS Kim, C Hwang, LP Biró, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 29726, 2016
MoS2–Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Material Growth and Gas Sensing
G Deokar, P Vancsó, R Arenal, F Ravaux, J Casanova‐Cháfer, E Llobet, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 1700801, 2017
Large area growth of vertically aligned luminescent MoS2 nanosheets
G Deokar, NS Rajput, P Vancsó, F Ravaux, M Jouiad, D Vignaud, ...
Nanoscale 9 (1), 277-287, 2017
Moderate strain induced indirect bandgap and conduction electrons in MoS2 single layers
J Pető, G Dobrik, G Kukucska, P Vancsó, AA Koós, J Koltai, ...
npj 2D Materials and Applications 3 (1), 39, 2019
Electronic transport through ordered and disordered graphene grain boundaries
P Vancsó, GI Márk, P Lambin, A Mayer, YS Kim, C Hwang, LP Biró
Carbon 64, 101-110, 2013
Transition metal chalcogenide single layers as an active platform for single-atom catalysis
P Vancsó, ZI Popov, J Pető, T Ollár, G Dobrik, JS Pap, C Hwang, ...
ACS Energy Letters 4 (8), 1947-1953, 2019
Electronic states of disordered grain boundaries in graphene prepared by chemical vapor deposition
P Nemes-Incze, P Vancsó, Z Osváth, GI Márk, X Jin, YS Kim, C Hwang, ...
Carbon 64, 178-186, 2013
Signature of large-gap quantum spin Hall state in the layered mineral jacutingaite
K Kandrai, P Vancsó, G Kukucska, J Koltai, G Baranka, Á Hoffmann, ...
Nano Letters 20 (7), 5207-5213, 2020
Bilayered semiconductor graphene nanostructures with periodically arranged hexagonal holes
DG Kvashnin, P Vancsó, LY Antipina, GI Márk, LP Biró, PB Sorokin, ...
Nano Research 8, 1250-1258, 2015
STM study of the MoS2 flakes grown on graphite: A model system for atomically clean 2D heterostructure interfaces
AA Koós, P Vancsó, GZ Magda, Z Osváth, K Kertész, G Dobrik, C Hwang, ...
Carbon 105, 408-415, 2016
Anisotropic dynamics of charge carriers in graphene
GI Márk, P Vancsó, C Hwang, P Lambin, LP Biró
Physical Review B 85 (12), 125443, 2012
Influence of Native Defects on the Electronic and Magnetic Properties of CVD Grown MoSe2 Single Layers
AA Koós, P Vancsó, M Szendro, G Dobrik, D Antognini Silva, ZI Popov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (40), 24855-24864, 2019
Effect of the disorder in graphene grain boundaries: A wave packet dynamics study
P Vancsó, GI Márk, P Lambin, A Mayer, C Hwang, LP Biró
Applied Surface Science 291, 58-63, 2014
Large-area nanoengineering of graphene corrugations for visible-frequency graphene plasmons
G Dobrik, P Nemes-Incze, B Majérus, P Süle, P Vancsó, G Piszter, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 17 (1), 61-66, 2022
The composition and structure of the ubiquitous hydrocarbon contamination on van der Waals materials
A Pálinkás, G Kálvin, P Vancsó, K Kandrai, M Szendrő, G Németh, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 6770, 2022
Observation of competing, correlated ground states in the flat band of rhombohedral graphite
I Hagymási, MS Mohd Isa, Z Tajkov, K Márity, L Oroszlány, J Koltai, ...
Science Advances 8 (35), eabo6879, 2022
Interaction effects in a chaotic graphene quantum billiard
I Hagymási, P Vancsó, A Pálinkás, Z Osváth
Physical Review B 95 (7), 075123, 2017
Stability of edge magnetism against disorder in zigzag MoS2 nanoribbons
P Vancsó, I Hagymási, P Castenetto, P Lambin
Physical Review Materials 3, 094003, 2019
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