Anne-Sophie Bouvier
Anne-Sophie Bouvier
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Slab-derived fluids in the magma sources of St. Vincent (Lesser Antilles Arc): volatile and light element imprints
AS Bouvier, N Métrich, E Deloule
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Warm storage for arc magmas
M Barboni, P Boehnke, AK Schmitt, TM Harrison, P Shane, AS Bouvier, ...
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Li isotopes and trace elements as a petrogenetic tracer in zircon: insights from Archean TTGs and sanukitoids
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Contrasting hydrological processes of meteoric water incursion during magmatic–hydrothermal ore deposition: an oxygen isotope study by ion microprobe
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Experimental determination of melt interconnectivity and electrical conductivity in the upper mantle
M Laumonier, R Farla, DJ Frost, T Katsura, K Marquardt, AS Bouvier, ...
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Dynamic growth of garnet in granitic magmas
JS Lackey, GA Romero, AS Bouvier, JW Valley
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Reconstruction of multiple PTt stages from retrogressed mafic rocks: Subduction versus collision in the Southern Brasília orogen (SE Brazil)
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Evidence for cavity-dwelling microbial life in 3.22 Ga tidal deposits
M Homann, C Heubeck, TRR Bontognali, AS Bouvier, LP Baumgartner, ...
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Heterogeneous melt and hypersaline liquid inclusions in shallow porphyry type mineralization as markers of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition (Cerro de Pasco district, Peru)
B Rottier, K Kouzmanov, AS Bouvier, LP Baumgartner, M Wälle, ...
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Zircon petrochronology reveals the timescale and mechanism of anatectic magma formation
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SIMS chlorine isotope analyses in melt inclusions from arc settings
M Manzini, AS Bouvier, JD Barnes, M Bonifacie, EF Rose-Koga, P Ulmer, ...
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First Lu-Hf, δ18O and trace elements in zircon signatures from the Statherian Espinhaço anorogenic province (Eastern Brazil): geotectonic implications of a silicic …
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The dark side of zircon: textural, age, oxygen isotopic and trace element evidence of fluid saturation in the subvolcanic reservoir of the Island Park-Mount Jackson Rhyolite …
J Troch, BS Ellis, AK Schmitt, AS Bouvier, O Bachmann
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 173 (7), 1-17, 2018
Weekly to monthly time scale of melt inclusion entrapment prior to eruption recorded by phosphorus distribution in olivine from mid-ocean ridges
M Manzini, AS Bouvier, LP Baumgartner, O Müntener, EF Rose-Koga, ...
Geology 45 (12), 1059-1062, 2017
Short magmatic residence times of quartz phenocrysts in Patagonian rhyolites associated with Gondwana breakup
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Biotite Reference Materials for Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry 18O/16O Measurements
G Siron, L Baumgartner, AS Bouvier, B Putlitz, T Vennemann
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 41 (2), 243-253, 2017
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