Michela Martinelli
Michela Martinelli
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Hivatkozott rá
Assessing the fishing footprint using data integrated from different tracking devices: Issues and opportunities
T Russo, L D’andrea, A Parisi, M Martinelli, A Belardinelli, F Boccoli, ...
Ecological Indicators 69, 818-827, 2016
Spatial planning for fisheries in the Northern Adriatic: Working toward viable and sustainable fishing
F Bastardie, S Angelini, L Bolognini, F Fuga, C Manfredi, M Martinelli, ...
Ecosphere 8 (2), e01696, 2017
Contribution to the understanding of seasonal cycle of Aurelia aurita (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) scyphopolyps in the northern Adriatic Sea
CG Di Camillo, F Betti, M Bo, M Martinelli, S Puce, G Bavestrello
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 90 (6 …, 2010
A model combining landings and VMS data to estimate landings by fishing ground and harbor
T Russo, EB Morello, A Parisi, G Scarcella, S Angelini, L Labanchi, ...
Fisheries Research 199, 218-230, 2018
Uncommon sponges associated with deep coral bank and maerl habitats in the Strait of Sicily (Mediterranean Sea)
B Calcinai, V Moratti, M Martinelli, G Bavestrello, M Taviani
Italian Journal of Zoology 80 (3), 412-423, 2013
Population dynamics of Eudendrium racemosum (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from the North Adriatic Sea
CG Di Camillo, F Betti, M Bo, M Martinelli, S Puce, C Vasapollo, ...
Marine Biology 159, 1593-1609, 2012
An Ecosystem Model of Intermediate Complexity to test management options for fisheries: A case study
S Angelini, R Hillary, EB Morello, ÉE Plagányi, M Martinelli, C Manfredi, ...
Ecological Modelling 319, 218-232, 2016
Coupling an oceanographic model to a Fishery Observing System through mixed models: the importance of fronts for anchovy in the Adriatic Sea
P Carpi, M Martinelli, A Belardinelli, A Russo, E Arneri, A Coluccelli, ...
Fisheries Oceanography 24 (6), 521-532, 2015
Modelling the strategy of mid-water trawlers targeting small pelagic fish in the Adriatic Sea and its drivers
T Russo, J Pulcinella, A Parisi, M Martinelli, A Belardinelli, A Santojanni, ...
Ecological Modelling 300, 102-113, 2015
Towed underwater television towards the quantification of Norway lobster, squat lobsters and sea pens in the Adriatic Sea
M Martinelli, E Betula Morello, I Isajlović, A Belardinelli, A Lucchetti, ...
Acta Adriatica 54 (1), 3 - 12, 2013
Collection and validation of self-sampled e-logbook data in a Mediterranean demersal trawl fishery
M Mion, C Piras, T Fortibuoni, I Celić, G Franceschini, O Giovanardi, ...
Regional Studies in Marine Science 2, 76-86, 2015
Preliminary results on the occurrence and anatomical distribution of microplastics in wild populations of Nephrops norvegicus from the Adriatic Sea
M Martinelli, A Gomiero, S Guicciardi, E Frapiccini, P Strafella, S Angelini, ...
Environmental Pollution 278, 116872, 2021
Assimilation experiments for the fishery observing system in the Adriatic Sea
A Aydoğdu, N Pinardi, J Pistoia, M Martinelli, A Belardinelli, ...
Journal of Marine Systems 162, 126-136, 2016
Biological evidence of the presence of different subpopulations of Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) in the Adriatic Sea (Central Mediterranean Sea)
S Angelini, M Martinelli, A Santojanni, S Colella
Fisheries Research 221, 105365, 2020
Accounting for environmental and fishery management factors when standardizing CPUE data from a scientific survey: A case study for Nephrops norvegicus in the …
M Chiarini, S Guicciardi, S Angelini, ID Tuck, F Grilli, P Penna, ...
PloS One 17 (7), e0270703, 2022
The Fishery and Oceanography Observing System (FOOS): a tool for oceanography and fisheries science
B Patti, M Martinelli, S Aronica, A Belardinelli, P Penna, A Bonanno, ...
Journal of Operational Oceanography 9 (sup1), s99-s118, 2016
Use of sponges in the decoration of Inachus phalangium (Decapoda, Majidae) from the Adriatic Sea
M Martinelli, B Calcinai, G Bavestrello
Italian Journal of Zoology 73 (4), 347-353, 2006
An interlinked coastal observatory network for Europe
S Sparnocchia, R Nair, G Petihakis, A Aydoğdu, S Dobricic, P Farcy, ...
Journal of Operational Oceanography 9 (sup1), s193-s201, 2016
New technology improves our understanding of changes in the marine environment
G Pieri, M Ntoumas, M Martinelli, E Chatzinikolaou, F Martins, A Novellino, ...
9th EuroGOOS International conference, 2021
Evaluation of the oceanographic measurement accuracy of different commercial sensors to be used on fishing gears
M Martinelli, S Guicciardi, P Penna, A Belardinelli, C Croci, ...
Ocean Engineering 111, 22-33, 2016
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